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Drapery Cleaning

Drapery CleaningWe offer take-down and re-hang service by courteous, well-trained staff.  Appointments are made at your convenience.


When buying draperies:

  • Ask for totally pre-shrunk fabrics
  • Find out if the fabric is colorfast
  • Remember that lined draperies last longer than unlined Sheer, loosely woven and silk fabrics weaken by light exposure more quickly than heavier, tightly woven fabrics
  • Read all care instructions given to you at time of purchase. Share this information with
    your drycleaner

How to prolong drapery life:

  • Vacuum twice a year
  • Professionally clean annually
  • Protect from moisture
  • If possible rotate to vary light exposure

Problems which may become apparent after drycleaning:

  • Light damage - i.e. sun rot – causes fabric to tear and insulated backing (if any) to Separate from fabric
  • Shrinkage: if not totally pre-shrunk, many drapery fabrics will shrink three percent (this can’t be avoided but some shrinkage can be corrected)
  • Color failure : since many fabrics are surface printed rather than dyed, their colors are not fast. Colors may look suitable but all matching pieces in a room should be cleaned at the same time so any color change will be uniform.
  • Water marks: areas on a drapery which have become wet will show up as rings after drycleaning
  • Stiffened fabrics – reflective coatings or lining cannot be cleaned
  • Yellow streaks – sizing and finishing on drapery fabric tend to yellow with age due to light, heat,smoke fumes and other air pollutants. When the soil has been removed these streaks tend to show up more readily.

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Our environmental promise:
At Your Valet we are continually striving to reduce our cleaning footprint

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